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Blaithin O'Neill

Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist

BSc, PgDip, CORU


Are you looking to improve your nutrition but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to feel more confident in your body but sick of dieting and restricting certain foods that you enjoy?

Are you a fitness fanatic but lacking knowledge on how to fuel your body correctly to get that the most out of the sport that you love?

Have you been experiencing poor digestion for most of your life and sick of trying to cope with daily bloating, discomfort and feeling sluggish?

I am here to help

My name is Blaithin and I am a registered dietitian helping people make sustainable long lasting changes to their nutrition to improve their health physically and mentally.

My passion for working in nutrition comes from my first love of cooking. I want to help people understand that improving your nutrition does not need to be boring and prescriptive. It can be enjoyable, fulfilling and thrilling.



Too often we define our health by the number on the scales. I believe in a more holistic approach to ensure we are encompassing all aspects of the body to improve your health. My aim is to help you improve your nutrition and health through healthy habit formation.

With over 7 years of working in evidence based practise, you can feel assured you will be being guided on the basis of scientific research

I combine my years of experience of working in the public health sector alongside my training in sports nutrition and intuitive eating to provide you with a tailored supportive nutrition programme.

I want to take you from feeling lost to feeling empowered.

Services Available


1-1 Nutrition Coaching

Lets work closely together to provide you with an individualised plan to improve your health and nutrition. Specialities include female health, sustainable weight loss, heart health, sports nutrition, PCOS, digestion issues and helping improve relationships with food.


Sports Nutrition

Fuelling your body correctly for sport is vital for performance. As a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, I am available for sports nutrition consultations for individuals or teams looking to improve athletic performance through good nutrition principles.


Corporate Work

Business peformance is driven by human performance. Want to improve your workforces well being, health and morale?

Inquire about our bespoke nutrition corporate packages that can be provided onsite or virtual setting.

What the clients have to say

Female Olympic Athlete 

aged 22

“The best thing about working with Blaithin was her great attitude, advice and recipes! Building a step by step food plan which I was able to integrate into my daily life easily and effectively as well as being kept motivated and held accountable with monthly check ins”

Female Teacher

aged 26

“When I came to see Blaithin I had digestion issues after eating certain foods. I had no idea as to why this was happening which caused anxiety and nausea around eating. Blaithin approached this holisitcally and helped me feel confident around my nutrition again”

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8 North Street



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CORU: DI 043367

INDI: 2108

Note: Claims can be made from insurance providers for appointments with CORU registered dietitians

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