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Majella O'Neill

Naturopath Nutritionist



As Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist I draw on my experience as a mother, Registered Nurse, Nutritional Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist from over four decades.


I am passionate about helping people prevent illness, aid healing and reach the full potential of health and vitality through good food and a balanced lifestyle.

Do You wish you had a little more “pep-in-your-step”….a little more energy and vitality to meet the challenges of everyday life? Or maybe you are struggling with a chronic health issue….Problems with digestion, hormonal problems, energy, immunity, inflammation, sleep issues, stress etc.

In a world abundant with so many conflicting principals and advice available with a click of a button on your screen, it can be difficult to know where to begin or what are the key interventions that can make a real and lasting impact on your health. 

I believe in the importance of exploring each individual’s health history, as well as appropriate laboratory testing where necessary, to understand and address root-cause of their health issues and optimise health.

I draw on my wide-range of experience, education and skills to devise a personalised and individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement program to meet each individuals health needs, aspirations and root-cause issues. Where-ever you are on your health journey, I am here to support you. 

I can help you to make informed decisions on how to make real and tangible changes to achieve your particular potential of health and wellbeing.  I am committed to providing the on-going information, encouragement and support you may need as you navigate the new diet and life-style changes.

My greatest reward in this work is observing my clients evolving and growing in confidence in their own innate healing ability as they come to understand the power they have over their own health through their food and lifestyle choices.

To find out if I am the correct therapist for your particular needs please, drop me an email and we can schedule an exploration consultation


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