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West Cork Wellness Clinic

Your Health in Your Hands

The incidence of many chronic illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, heart-disease etc. is on the increase, much of which are largely contributed to by our food and lifestyle choices


We offer one-to-one consultations with tailored nutrition programs for individual needs as well as group and community courses and presentations on specific topics. We offer skilled, evidence based advice, guidance and support to individuals to help bridge the gap from whatever their current health status to their particular potential for optimum health.

Our vision for West Cork Wellness Clinic is to provide a facility to inform, educate and empower people with the tools to optimise their health, prevent illness and aid healing through the age-old principals of “Food as Medicine” as well as addressing exercise and lifestyle interventions.

Our motto in the West Cork Wellness Clinic is “Your Health in Your Hands” is born of the belief  in the importance of making informed decisions on how best to nourish and care for themselves and therefore, helping people take more responsibility for their well-being

Majella O'Neill

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