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Nutrition Services

As a registered dietitian, I provide advice on nutritional management for a range of different health conditions. Whatever your nutrition concern may be, a registered dietitian will provide you with evidence based guidance to achieve your health goals.

Musli Mix

Weight Managment

No more yo-yo dieting. Learn how to lose weight sustainably for good without restrictive eating or crash diets.

Happy Children

Family Health

Concered about your chidrens nutrition? As a paediatric trained dietitian, I can help with your fussy eaters, milk allergies, faltering weight, digestion issues and weight management.

Happy Female Gardener

Female Health

Whether its PCOS or the menopause, I aim to empower women to take control of their health and live a happier more fulfilled life. 


Improve relationship with food

Whether your recovering from an eating disorder or looking to start enjoying food again, I am here to help. I use a combination of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition to help you heal your disconnect from food.

Hands on Stomach

Digestion and Energy

Are you sick of feeling bloated, lethargic and low in energy? Get help from a dietitian to understand how to improve your gut health

Happy Children

Sports Nutrition

Whether you are starting off doing your first 5km or about to embark on an ironman, you need to understand how to fuel your body correctly through diet. Learn how to unleash the power of food to fuel performance.

Packages available

1-1 Nutrition Coaching Programme

minimum commitment 3 months
€110 per month

​This is where we can really make long lasting changes to your health and well-being. By working over a long period of time closely with a dietitian, habits can be changed, mindset will be shifted, support will be provided and you will feel empowered.

  • Monthly 60 minute appointment to take a deep dive into your diet, lifestyle, health and nutrition in detail

  • Fortnightly check ins in-between 60 minute sessions to review progress

  • Meal plan template guide and macros if required

  • Food diary analysis and detailed feedback back

  • Performance Nutrition guidance in relation to exercise and training

  • Recipe e-book with over 40 different recipes

  • Emails support as needed

Power Hour


A Power Hour session will take a deep dive into whatever your health query or nutritional concern might be. This is useful if you want a refresher on a particular topic, want to discuss a particular topic you find confusing in relation to nutrition or simply want to check the nutritional adequacy of your diet. You will be provided with our recipe e-book, meal plan template and guidance on nutritional requirements if required. This is probably not suitable if you have an underlying health condition or issue that you want to improve through nutrition. Things like this take time and I want to make sure you get the results you needthrough working closely with me.

Follow up 


Enjoyed the power hour and would like to check in again? We can schedule a 30 mins follow uop at a time and date that suits you.

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