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Menopause Masterclass - Embracing the change

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Menopause used to be called “the-change-of life” and aptly so, as it is a time in a woman’s life that often marks enormous transitions, physically, emotionally and often even socially. Perimenopause is the period of time building up to menopause when these changes start to manifest. It can begin anytime from early 40s to early 50s for most women and can last between 2 and 8 years.

During perimenopause, a woman may start to experience some or all of the following symptoms:

  • longer or shorter menstrual cycle

  • missing periods

  • heavier or lighter periods

  • hot flashes and night sweats

  • sleep problems

  • mood changes, including depression and anxiety

  • weight gain or weight loss

  • low lbidio

  • changes in memory and concentration capacity

These symptoms can be less impactful if women understand the process and are prepared well in advance for the challenges as well as the rewards of this time. Stress, poor diet, fluctuating blood sugar levels, environmental toxins and deficiency in certain vital nutrients are the biggest contributors to the hormonal imbalances that can worsen perimenopause symptoms. All our hormonal systems “dance together”, meaning an imbalance in one causes another to either upregulate or down regulate.

What if we told you that there is a possibility of enjoying and “embracing the change"? A way to learn more about what happens to the female body during this time and we can adapt or diet to help reduce menopausal symptoms.

Well, we have designed a master class to educate women on the changes to mind and body that occur during menopause and equip you with practical tips and options to manage menopause

This class will enable you:

  • To develop a deeper understanding of the hormonal changes that occur in menopause and the impact this can have on other aspects of your health.

  • To understand the foods and lifestyle factors that can intefere with out hormones in a positive and negative way

  • To appreciate where nutrient deficiencies may occur and when supplements may be required

  • To develop a new love for food and nutrition and how we can use it to fuel the female body

  • To know what type of exercise actually helps you during this time

After this masterclass we promise you will:

  • Enjoy a new-found freedom, free from the roller coaster of monthly hormonal fluctuations,

  • Explore new strengths and talents that life may not have afforded the privilege of exploring before this

  • Befriend the woman within, who has journeyed so well thus far

This masterclass will be 2 hours in length including a Q+A session at the end to answer any questions you might have. You will also be provided with a our "Embracing the Change" EBook and recipe booklet.

Masterclass will be held on the 29th of September at 6pm

Tickets are €30 and spaces are limited so get booking! Email with your name and subject line Menopause Masterclass to book.

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